Rules of the Ice Contract

Contract Details

For full details of the Licensee’s responsibilities under dry space and ice contracts with the City of Grande Prairie, please refer to City of Grande Prairie Policy 202 and Procedure 202-1.

Licensee is required to provide notice of at least 10 working days for cancellations or changes.

  • During the term of this contract, the facility will be used by Contracting Party only.
  • City of Grande Prairie staff or official is empowered to reprimand or evict the renting organization/individual for any justifiable cause.
  • All premises are used at your own risk. Adequate supervision for minors must be provided by Licensee at all times - 1 adult / 20 children.
  • Licensee is required to provide First Aid (if required) at the location of the rental.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the facility and absolutely no alcohol is permitted in the facility at any time.
  • Food or beverage is not permitted on the ice or dry floor surface at any time.
  • Additional clean up and damages beyond normal wear and tear will be billed back to the Licensee.
  • All users shall vacate the dressing rooms one-half hour after the conclusion of the rental time or additional charges may be applied.
  • The lobby and dressing rooms are not available for birthday party celebrations.
  • Please do not bring in outside food or beverages. Violators may be fined.
  • Rental Fees are subject to change from time to time, at City Council’s discretion. Please note that if rental fees are changed during the span of the contract, the contract will be amended to reflect these changes. In order to secure a booking, a deposit may be required. 
  • Please have your rental contract with you when you access the facility as it must be produced upon request.