Advertising Opportunities

Rink Board Advertising

Advertising on the Rink Boards

Rink board signs offer the perfect spot to place your brand. Located across from the fans, rink boards offer an affordable way to align your company with the community. 

Arena Wall Signage

Advertising with Arena Wall Signs

Place your advertising in the center of the action! Arena signs are produced on chloroplast signage making it easy to customize to your unique message.

Bleacher Side Wall Sign

Advertising with Arena Wall Signs - Bleacher's Side

Looking for a cost effective way to showcase your company? Try a bleacher side Arena Sign! Grab the attention of arena users without breaking the bank.

Door Wrap example

Advertising with Door Wraps

Put your company in a high traffic area by purchasing a door wrap! Customize your message for the whole community centre to see.

Garbage Can Wrapp Images

Advertising with Garbage Receptacles

Receptacle Bin Signs offer an impressive visual impact and are easy to transport. Whether you would like your branding inside the arena, or in the lobby, this ad location put's your name in the spotlight.

Lobby Wall signage

Advertising with Lobby Wall Signs

Grab your audience's attention as soon as they walk in the door! Lobby Wall Signs can be produced in a variety of sizes and are perfect for customizes the right message.

T-shirt Sponsorship

Advertising with T-Shirt Sponsorships

Place your logo on the back of our Summer Camp T-shirts! Each week new shirts are given out to our summer campers who wear them all around town.

Align your brand with the community and children's active care.

Wall Mural Image

Advertising with Wall Murals

Wall Murals offer high visual impact and make the perfect canvas for your company. Make your brand the first thing people see when the enter the Dave Barr lobby!

Sizes vary depending on location.