Family Day Home Program

What is the Family Day Home Program?

The City of Grande Prairie Family Day Home Program strives to ensure that parents and providers are given the support and guidance needed to ensure that every child has the ability and are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

As a government regulated, Alberta approved and accredited agency, we offer quality child care in safe, nurturing, family-like settings. We ensure that government and accreditation standards are met or exceeded through detailed safety checks, unannounced home visits and on-going provider support and training.

Our program offers full-time, part-time and casual childcare during the weekdays for children between the ages of 0 - 12 years old. Childcare subsidy is available to those approved and tax receipts are provided.

The Day Home Advantage:

  • Enriching, home-based child care
  • Convenient locations close to home, work or school
  • Smaller, nurturing, family-like settings
  • Flexible contracted hours
  • Small, mixed age groups

More Important Information:

  • We offer care for children ages 6 months to 12 years old (depending on ratios)
  • Hours of operation:
    • Year round
    • Monday to Friday between 6:00am-6:00pm (Each provider sets their own hours)
    • Closed on statutory holidays
  • Food and Nutrition:  Providers are required to serve nutritious, well balanced meals and snacks at appropriate times, in sufficient quantities and in accordance with each child’s needs including allergies and special diets. Providers must post a menu plan for parents/guardians and home visitors to see. Menu plans must follow the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide, and families’ and children’s preferences. The program coordinator will review provider’s menu plans on a monthly basis to ensure meals and snacks meet nutritional guidelines and follow the Canada Food Guide.
    • Meals and snacks will be served as follows:
      • Children in care 2-4 hr. will be served 1 snack with 2 or more food groups
      • Children in care 4-6 hr. will be served 1 snack with 2 or more food groups & 1 meal with 4 food groups
      • Children in care 6+ hours will be served 2 snacks with 2 or more food groups & 1 meal with 4 food groups
  • Rest time: Children will be given adequate time to rest and relax; however, they are not required to sleep. Separate sleeping spaces, blankets and pillows will be available for children to use and children are invited to bring their own comfort items from home. Parents/Guardians may be required to supply play cribs, sleeping mats and bed linens for their child to use while in care if the day home provider requires them. All sleeping equipment used needs to show that it can be used for sleeping purposes. Providers are responsible to ensure that all sleeping equipment meets federal and provincial product safety legislation.
  • Outdoor time: As per government standards, providers must try to ensure that children go outdoors at least once per day (weather permitting). Outdoor daily activities are important to the growth and development of children. If the parent/guardian feels that their child is too sick to go outdoors, then we request the parent/guardian to keep their child at home. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to supply weather appropriate clothing for their child (boots, mitts, hats, snow pants, etc.). If the child does not have this clothing, the parent/guardian will be contacted to bring the necessary clothing to the day home. It is the responsibility of the provider to ensure the children are wearing their appropriate clothing when going outdoors.

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