Frequently Asked Questions

Childcare Programs

If you wish to bring a special treat for your child’s birthday, please make prior arrangement with the teachers. They will know the number of children in the class and any food allergies that must be considered. Also, please be aware that all treats must be store bought.

We welcome any family who wishes to come in for a tour of our preschool or daycare. Please call 780-538-0469 to schedule an appointment with our Child Care Supervisor.

The Kid’s Place has an ‘open door’ policy in which parents are always welcome to visit or observe the class.

Monthly newsletters, e-mails from Supervisor, our website and/or calendars are great communication tools for Educators to inform parents about upcoming events, monthly themes and classroom updates. Parent-teacher-Supervisor meetings are available upon request.

Of course! Sometimes a new environment can be scary. Each child has a different way of dealing with separation. A parent is welcome to stay for a while, and make this a positive experience for everyone.

  • Pre-school: We have a 1 staff to 12 children ratio, and our maximum group size would never exceed 24 children. 
  • Daycare:  We have a 1 staff to 8 children ratio, and our maximum group size would never exceed 20 children. 

Educators have a legal responsibility to follow municipal health regulations, which stipulates that children should not be permitted to participate in programs when a contagious illness poses health risks to others. Please review our handbook for specific details of when your child may be sent home due to illness or medical reasons.

We only administer prescription medication. Please do not put medication in child’s bag, give it to the staff members and they will store it appropriately.

  • Dave Barr Community Centre childcare programming is the only City-owned licensed and accredited pre-school and daycare.
  • Has been running in Grande Prairie for over 20 years now. 
  • Our curriculum framework has been thoughtfully selected to guide your preschoolers’ daily experiences and to prepare them for kindergarten. 
  • Our staff go through a thorough interview process which allows us to hire the best educators. 
  • Our staff turnover is not very high which leads to consistency for the children. 
  • We will focus on your child’s developmental levels and will help him achieve the skills he or she needs to succeed in the future. 

Children should be dressed in comfortable, practical play clothes and dressed for the weather.

Ice Arena and Dry Floor

You are free to bring your own skating support device for your beginner skater. It must be a support designed/engineered for that purpose. Chairs and other items are not permitted on the ice.

Unfortunately we do not offer skate rentals at Dave Barr. Skates can be rented at some of the sporting goods stores in town.

We hold an ice users meeting every year in May or June. If you are interested in renting ice on a regular basis throughout the ice season, you must be in attendance at this meeting. If there is ice available, you can request your time slot at the meeting. For more information about the ice users meeting, please contact Joan at the Coca-Cola Centre at 780-512-5252.