Children throwing Graduation Hats

Dave Barr Pre-K is a City owned licensed Pre-Kindergarten program for children aged 3-6 and has been running for over 30 years in Grande Prairie. 

Our main goals for our Pre-K programs are:

  • Help children adjust to new situations and class rules
  • Teach children ways to express their needs and to listen to the ideas of their peers
  • Teach children values like respect, honesty, and how to share, take turns, negotiate and compromise as well as to how to express feelings in a positive manner
  • Prepare children for kindergarten through teaching pre-writing skills. These are the fundamental skills children need to develop before they are able to write and read.
  • Our Pre-K program will work on fine motor strength, pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination, “word families”, phonics and “dolch words”. 


What is the difference between Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-School?

The emphasis in preschool tends to be more on playful learning, whereas a pre-kindergarten class will specifically engage a child in areas that will be taught in kindergarten without pressure and stress so that they are ready for the next step!